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How to Manage Forum Permissions

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 12:08 am    Post subject: How to Manage Forum Permissions Reply with quote

As administrator of your forum you are in control of who can perform what actions on a specific forum.

User Types

There are several classifications of users:

Guests, Registered Members, Moderators and Administrators

The settings found in the admin panel will be:

ALL = Guests + Members (including Moderators & Admin)
REG = Members (including Moderators & Admins)
MOD = Moderators (plus Admin)
ADMIN = Adminstrators only
PRIVATE = Authorized Members (plus Admin)

For PRIVATE, members may be authorized by being part of an authorized group, or by being specifically authorized under User Admin -> Permissions.

Forum Permissions

The different forum abilities that can be controlled are:

View = Ability to see that a forum exists
Read = Ability to read posts in the forum
Post = Ability to create new posts
Reply = Ability to reply to posts
Edit = Ability to edit posts
Delete = Ability to delete posts
Sticky = Ability to set a post as "sticky"
Announce = Ability to set a post an an announcement.
Vote = Ability to vote in polls
Poll create = Ability to create a poll in a new topic

Admin of Permissions

Forum permissions are set on an individual forum basis thru the admin panel.

To change permissions on a forum go to your admin panel and select Forum Admin -> Permissions. Then select the forum for which to modify permissions.

There are two modes that the admin interface provides for setting these permissions, Simple and Advanced. Simple Mode provides a quick way to set permissions.

The recommended Simple Mode is "Registered".

The recommended Advanced settings are as follows:

View: ALL
Read: ALL
Post: REG
Reply: REG
Edit: REG
Delete: MOD
Sticky: MOD
Announce: MOD
Vote: REG
Poll create: REG

All new forums are created with our recommended settings.

Private Forums

Please note that you use these controls to create private forums, but our terms of service require that most of your board be public:


We require that forums make at least 90% of their forum public as we support open communities.

Guest Posting

Many admins would rather that only registered members post as there are issues with allowing guests. The primary problem with allowing guests on your board is that there is no authentication of guest postings and spam bots will take advantage of the weak security.

Guests also do not have access to member features like private messages and avatars. For this reason we recommend for your forum security that you don't provide guest access for posting.
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