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How to Configure your ShoutBox

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PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2006 8:19 pm    Post subject: How to Configure your ShoutBox Reply with quote

ShoutBox Config and User Guide

ForumWise provides an integrated ShoutBox with several customizable parameters.

ShoutBox Overview

When activated the ShoutBox appears on the Portal homepage, in the left column. (You must activate your Portal to take advantage of the ShoutBox feature.)

Your forum members may use the ShoutBox to post quick messages to each other. Each message includes a username, a message and a timestamp.

When a logged-in member views the ShoutBox it will contain the main message window followed by a textfield to type a new message and three buttons: Refresh, Smilies and Shout. Refresh will force a refresh of the Shout window. Smilies will popup a box with all available smilie codes. And Shout will submit a message that has been entered into the textfield and post it to the ShoutBox. Those viewing the ShoutBox when not logged-in will see the main message window, and a message: "Login to Shout".

ShoutBox Integration

The ForumWise ShoutBox is integrated automatically with your forum in several ways. With respect to styles and colors, the ShoutBox will utilize colors from your selected forum Style for visual integration. Also the ShoutBox can only be used by logged-in members. This reduces spamming and prevents spoofing that can occur with external shoutbox services. Finally, the message timestamps are integrated with each member's GMT offset setting, so that ShoutBox timestamps can be synced with board time and local time.

ShoutBox Configuration

Activating and configuring the ShoutBox can be done by visiting your admin panel and clicking on General Config -> ShoutBox Config. The following controls are available:

ShoutBox Activation - Use this control to turn the ShoutBox feature on or off.

ShoutBox Title - Customize the title of the ShoutBox module

ShoutBox Height - Adjust the height of your ShoutBox in pixels. Make larger to see more messages at once. [50-600]

ShoutBox Max Messages - Maximum number of messages to keep and display. Once the message list is "full", a new message will cause the oldest message to be removed. [5-50]

ShoutBox Max Message Length - Use this to control the maximum length of a message. Messages which are longer will be truncated to this length and "..." will be added to the end to show that it was truncated. [50-500]

ShoutBox Ordering - Use this to indicate if new messages should appear at the top or the bottom of the ShoutBox.

New: 12/2007

ShoutBox Private - By default guests and members can view the ShoutBox contents. Use this option to restrict viewing to Members only.

ShoutBox Colors - By default, the ShoutBox is matched to the user's current style (Per Style Integrated Colors), however some styles don't provide ideal readability for the ShoutBox's Post Box in this mode. The Post Box is where members type compose their shout before posting it. The options in this section can be used to force a specific set of colors (Global Custom Colors) for the Post Box and Message Box that will apply no matter what style is selected. This works best when there is only one style available to users, however it can still be a useful option otherwise.

ShoutBox Smilies and Codes

All available smilies can be seen by clicking on the Smilies button. These smilies can not be configured and are not integrated with your forum smilies.

Members may not post HTML to the ShoutBox, however, the three basic bbCode tags for bold, italics and underline can be used.

ShoutBox Notes

There is a known issue with the vertical scrollbar for Internet Explorer users that can cause the scrollbar to not be automatically placed to view the latest message. If this occurs, increase the ShoutBox Height or decrease Max Messages and the problem will lessen or be corrected.

If an unusual situation requires that you clear your ShoutBox, the quickest way to do so is this: Set Max Message to 5, make 5 quick posts to the ShoutBox, then reset Max Messages as before.

ShoutBox Permissions

You can prevent a member from using the ShoutBox (and Private Messages) by toggling this permission in User Admin -> Management.

Thank you for choosing ForumWise.

Please don't private message me for support or chit-chat, use the forums.
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