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Support Forum Rules [READ FIRST]

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 5:47 pm    Post subject: Support Forum Rules [READ FIRST] Reply with quote

Support Rules


    Most questions have already been answered. Please check our support forums, FAQs and guides before posting your question in case it has already been answered, start here: Forum Admin FAQs and Userguides Forum.

  • Create a new thread. There should be exactly one new thread for each issue you have. Please create separate threads when you have multiple unrelated support issues.

  • Use a descriptive Title for your support post. Topics like:

    • "Help!"
    • "Quick Question"
    • "A BIG problem!"
    • "I messed up!"
    • "Confused..."
    • "help me plz!"
    • "Hi"
    • "Question (Duh!)"

    Are very unhelpful and should never be used. Such topics may be locked. Why? Because thread titles are important for future searches. Members are expected to search the support forums for their problem before posting a new thread. So if you search and can't find an answer, please help everyone by making a descriptive thread title when you post your question.

    Examples of good thread titles might be:

    • "How to Lock a Thread?"
    • "Unbanning a member?"
    • "Is there a way to edit post count?"
    • "What can moderators do?"

  • Always include your board URL for problems with your forum. If we have to ask, you are creating more work and delaying resolution of your problem.

  • Proper English for support, no "leet speak". (English as 2nd Language users will be forgiven for imperfect English.)

  • Don't private message the management. We provide free support via the forums only. No free support requests via private message or email will be accepted. Only terms of service or security issues warrant a PM. Other queries via PM will be ignored. If you need an answer make a thread.

  • If your support requires us to access your admin panel then you may be temporarily locked out during this time.

Support Forums

  • Please use the forum General Forum Support to report any issues or support questions you have related to ForumWise or your forum.

  • If you need help related to Styles and the look of your forum, please see the Styles & Logos Support Forum.

  • If you need assistance with your Portal, please visit the Portal Support Forum.

  • If you have a feature request please use the Feature Request Forum. Limit 1 request per forum per 10 weeks.

  • Please don't PM anyone on this forum for support. Also members should not offer advice or support via PM. All support should be in the forums.

Thank you. Smile

Thank you for choosing ForumWise.

Please don't private message me for support or chit-chat, use the forums.
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This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    ForumWise Support Forum Index -> General Forum Support All times are GMT
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